How to Save on Airline Tickets!

Planning a trip and buying airline tickets? Great, traveling is always a great way to open up your own world, relax and explore new cultures.

Compare flight prices


However, there are a few things to keep in mind before traveling. First of all, it is good to compare flight prices on different price comparison sites, but there are other ways to find the cheapest tickets. The price may depend on, for example, the date of travel or even the date of purchase of tickets .

Good Finance tells you how to find the cheapest airline tickets and save cash the next time you buy flights.

Be sure to compare

Always remember to compare before buying. Do not rush downward toward temptation, but keep your temper and reason in mind. It is also a good idea to use common sense when traveling to ensure that you always have valid travel insurance. You should not play with your own health.

Travel insurance


The easiest way to get there is to buy flights online with your credit card, which includes travel insurance. This is how everyone is treated at the same time.

Pay at least 50%

Pay at least 50%

For example, with Good Finance credit card you get travel insurance abroad if you pay at least 50% of your trip with your credit card. Instead, for example, the Honest Bank is valid for all trips – regardless of the payment method.

With our free and quick price comparison you can conveniently compare credit cards, for example. A lot of travelers might want to consider a credit card with pilots and travel insurance:

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